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The Invitation to a public talk with Dr. Michael Zeheter from Trier - A Cultural History of Mineral Water Consumption (1830 to 2000)

The event takes place on Wednesday the 14th March at 7 p.m. in the room 201 at the Faculty of arts, Palachovo náměstí 2.

Institute of Economic and Social History

History has always been a very important component of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. While Czech history and World history were both institutionalized in 1882, the fields of Economic and Social History did not have a special department until 1990. 

Prague Economic and Social History Papers

Prager WISOHIM/Prague ESHP is a scientific foreign language peer reviewed journal dealing with economic and social history; it has been published by the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Economic and Social History since 1994. The journal aims to inform foreign specialists about the latest results of historical research in the Czech Republic. It also contains the contributions of foreign researchers, usually those presented on faculty soil. The journal is annotated by leading European scientific periodicals.


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