Filozofická Fakulta


Institute of Economic and Social History

History has always been a very important component of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. While Czech history and World history were both institutionalized in 1882, the fields of Economic and Social History did not have a special department until 1990. 

Both research and teaching are focused on the central economic and social processes in the Czech lands from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, in connection with main European historical processes. Moreover, the curriculum and the particular research projects place great emphasis on methodological innovation, historiography, and theoretical aspects of historical interpretation.

The Institute includes eight full-time faculty members specializing in economic and social history. Apart from maintaining these disciplines, they are also involved in interdisciplinary collaborations with programs and departments both in the Czech republic and around the world. 

The Institute of Economic and Social History offers programs of study at the bachelor (History, together with two partner Institutes), master (Economic and Social History), and doctoral levels (Modern Economic and Social History).

For more information please visit the Czech web page or contact us via email at michal.pullmann(at) or hana.sobotkova(at)


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